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Synthetic Turf Cleaning Process

Removing Surface Debris

When we talk about keeping our artificial turf looking its best, the first step is always to tackle surface debris. We’re talking about those leaves, twigs, and everything else the wind brings in. It’s pretty easy; we just need to stay regular with it.

Deep Cleaning Process

When we’re tackling the deep cleaning of artificial turf, we always kick things off with a thorough rinse. Imagine giving your lawn a refreshing shower in the middle of the desert—it’s just like that!

Stains Treatment

When we’re dealing with tricky spots on our artificial turf, Each stain is unique, but with our techniques, we can keep our turf spotless and extend its life, giving us more time to enjoy our beautiful outdoor space.

Pet Waste

Next up, dealing with pet waste calls for an extra step. After scooping up solids, we give the area a specialized clean using a pet-friendly disinfectant, ensuring to thoroughly rinse afterward to prevent any build-up.

Disinfecting the Turf

We tackle the germs. We use a solution that’s both effective and turf-friendly. For homes, a simple mix of water and vinegar does the trick. If you prefer, gentle, non-toxic commercial solutions are also available.

Re- Infill

The infill step is crucial to maintain the integrity and performance of your artificial turf. During this phase, we carefully redistribute and, if necessary, add fresh infill to ensure your turf maintains its natural look and feel.


After the thorough brushing to remove debris, dirt, and smaller particles, it’s time to rinse the turf to wash away any remaining dust or cleaning solution residues.


We give Mother Nature a chance to do her thing. If the sun’s out, we let the turf bask in its warmth for a while. No sunshine? No worries! We sometimes use leaf blowers on a low setting to help speed up the drying.

Final Grooming

Once we’re sure the turf is fully dry, grooming comes next. We straighten those grass blades to perfection with a specialized broom or brush, always going against the grain. This makes sure our turf looks its best:

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