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SparklyTurf Cleaning Services

Scheduling Your Turf Cleaning Service

When you choose Sparklyturf for your artificial turf cleaning, we ensure the scheduling process is as seamless as possible for you. Our dedicated team is committed to providing efficient service right from the point of booking.

All invoices for SparklyTurf's cleaning and repair services are payable upon completion. Every SparklyTurf client must have a valid credit card on file, with charges for turf cleaning and restoration services being processed on the day the service is provided. SparklyTurf prides itself on offering a 100% satisfaction guarantee valid for 14 days following the initial service date. However, SparklyTurf does not assume responsibility for any pre-existing or subsequent issues with the turf system, including but not limited to the sub-base, drains, grading, edging, weeds, as well as the performance, blades, and matting of the turf. Additionally, SparklyTurf disclaims liability for any damage to animals or any other potential risks that may arise in association with your artificial turf systems or our service provision. This disclaimer extends to any damages incurred by surrounding surfaces, including, but not limited to, furniture, carpets, pots, or plants. Customers have the right to cancel their SparklyTurf plan at any point following the initial year. Upon agreeing to a service plan, customers commit to adhering to the predetermined service intervals. Should service be canceled for any reason, a cancellation fee may be applied, the specifics of which will depend on the chosen plan and the timing of the cancellation. Additionally, clients are advised that it is their responsibility to ensure pets are securely confined in a safe area to allow our technicians to perform their duties without interference. If there are any concerns regarding aggressive dogs, we request prior notification to ensure the safety of our technicians.

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